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Si-Te-Cah, the indigenous people of America

This post will be about our adventurous ancestors, who were very out and about.

A central thought in the Hyperboran Tradition, is that our original home was in the utmost North, Ultima Thule, Hyperborea. Due to climate changes and cataclysms, the Hyperboreans were forced to leave their home, and Northern Europe became their new one. We are the descendants of these Hyperboreans. But smaller groups of Hyperboreans instead migrated to the West, to what we today know as North America. There were still ruins left when Columbus reached America, but mostly they had been wiped out by the far more numerous Indians (who originate from Asia). Archeologists have at this point made a great number of findings that strengthen the thesis of a "European" population in America. Red-haired mummies among the Incas, and reports of "blonde Indians" both in North and South America. The red-haired giant mummies in Nevada, the so-called Si-Te-Cah, who the Indians told of in their sagas (and who they fought and eventually exterminated). The Kennewick Man and a number of other "Proto-Europoid" findings in the US (which archeologists have not been allowed to examine, as present-day Indian tribes have laid claim to them as "ancestors"). The conviction of the Aztecs that they originated from "Thule" in the north, and their faith in the "white gods" that would come. The signs are too many to be ignored.

It can of course be an issue of a parallel evolution, but even based on physical anthropology it is a fact that the North American Silvid racial type is more similar to European types than e.g. the Mexican Zentralids. There are apparently also traces of "European" DNA in some North American tribes.

There are many signs that a Proto-European population existed in North America about 10,000 years ago. Skeletons that have been found, as well as similarities in tools, point to this. The most widely known finding is the Kennewick Man.

Overall, America seems to not have been as isolated as we think. There are signs that Polynesians visited California, that Negroids visited Patagonia, that African kings reached South America, that Celts visited the US, and of course that the Melungeons (a "tri-racial community" that is worthy of a post of its own) descend from Arabian slaves who were freed by the English. The frightening lesson from this ancient "multicultural" America is of course that they are all gone today. The Fuegide must have been partially Negroid, the Si-Te-Cah must have been red-haired giants with multiple rows of teeth, and the Clovis culture must have been Proto-Europoid, but they were extincted and today they are gone forever.


There are several findings of a race of giants in both North and South America. They seem to have been red-haired, enormous, and often have had characteristics like oblong skulls, multiple rows of teeth, twelve fingers, maybe even horns. When it comes to facial features they seem to have been Europoid. These giants are called Si-Te-Cah in Nevada, and they are mentioned in Indian sagas. They were apparently cannibals, and were exterminated by the Indians.

There are also traces of these giants in South America, such as red-haired Inca mummies, the saga of the bearded, white gods that would one day return, mummies with oblong skulls (even though it later became a cultural custom to deform the skulls of children, not all skulls that have been found are a result of environmental factors; many seem to have been born that way).

My personal speculation in regards to the Si-Te-Cah is that they may be a last remnant of Atlantis. After the fall of Hyperborea, some refugees founded a new high culture in exile, on Atlantis. They ruled over an empire that comprised Egypt, parts of America, and the Canary Islands (the Guanches, that is the indigenous people of the Canary Islands, were often red-haired, and they built pyramids). However, at the end of their cycle they degenerated in a (fittingly) Titanic direction. The Titan is the superhuman who revolts against the gods and the cosmic order, a nietzschean with no spirituality. As a result of this Atlantis met its doom, and the elites in the colonies were forced to survive as best they could. Gradually they succumbed to miscegenation, and today we are only reminded of their existence by red-haired mummies, sagas of an ancient ruling race, and the pyramids they built. The Si-Te-Cah are likely to be such a Titan remnant, which would explain their cannibalism. But admit that it is inspiring to imagine a ruling race of red-haired giants, who distinguished themselves by oblong skulls and double rows of teeth. How they behaved in order to achieve this, we can only guess. Selective eugenics over millenia, black magic, a now extinct Europoid sub-racial group, who knows.

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